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Property Photography

– We offer consistently superior images and have years of experience to help achieve this. We aim for the best composition, lighting and professional editing to realistically show your property and draw in the eye of the viewer. We firmly believe that nothing is gained by cutting corners on still images, which remain the cornerstone of every property marketing campaign. Also (this might surprise you) since Northern Ireland has it’s fair share of cloudy days, we now include free blue sky insertions on every exterior image. This ensures your agency window display is never grey and your web listings and brochures stand out from the others.

2D and 3D Floorplans

– Floorplans were slow to take off when we first introduced them to the Belfast market in 2012, but now they are hugely popular with both buyers and sellers. the advantages include: the ability to see development potential of a property, easily remind yourself how many bedrooms/bathrooms and their locations within the house, easier to compare multiple properties and the features of each after you have had multiple viewings. Everyone seems to love them!

Pole Photography

– Every day we face new obstacles when trying to get that perfect exterior image: trees, high hedges, vans parked in front of the house, sloping front gardens, hidden views. The use of a 25-foot pole-camera can overcome these obstacles and results in exceptional images that really showcase the property. Also very useful for when drone photography is impossible due to flight restrictions. 

Virtual Staging

– No furniture? No problem! Virtual staging allows you to present a more pleasing view of an empty property. This might be a new-build in the final stages of being built, or a vacant home that needs a helping hand. Empty rooms are no fun – so why not bring back a bit of life to your listing with virtual furniture?

Virtual Dusk Images

– Dusk photography can be hit-or-miss as a lot depends on the conditions at sunset. Instead of gambling on the weather, we offer a virtual dusk solution that doesn’t require a revisit to the property for additional images, which saves your vendor both time and effort. As a bonus, it is also considerably cheaper.

Stock Image Library

– We have an extensive and growing library of images that can be used to market your apartment listings. This ensures that even if the weather is rainy on the day of the photo-shoot, you can publish your listing using existing images.

NEW for 2019 – Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

– Explore a house using your phone, tablet, pc or even with a VR headset. A Matterport virtual tour offers real benefits for buyers who may not have time to visit a property immediately, but need to view the property now to see if it makes their short-list, no matter where they are in the world. Also, by offering this interactive service, your agency can compete for more listings, as tech-savvy sellers compare what online marketing is available for their home.

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